The Time Of Sisterhood Is Now

o longer are we looking outside ourselves to learn. 

As women, we are a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and power. 

Deep down we know this. 

Women are meant to connect. 

We’ve always gathered in circles, 
Cared for each other’s children, 
Supported one another. 

We’ve been living in isolation but yearning for the connection our grandmothers and great grandmothers had.

We long for Sacred sisterhood. And our guess is you feel this too. 

You’re doing a lot. In fact, it might feel like you’re doing it all.

Because you are.

You try and create balance, but feel like something else is always coming apart.

You're expected to work hard, but not too much, take care of your kids but not be overbearing, be sexy for your partner, but not too much... that alongside managing grocery shopping, dinners, bills, finding time for your self care… Things are going onto your To Do List faster than they are coming off.

It’s not possible to do everything on our own.


We know this but it can be hard to ask for help. You’ve tried that before and ended up having to do it yourself. Thinking you might as well do it yourself because at least you know it’s getting done.

With the world shifting, we have an opportunity to come together in Sisterhood, Sacred Belonging, and Sustainability.

This retreat was deeply moving and experiential. I came in as a stranger to the women I did not know, and walked away as a hive sister. Thank you for showing us what true sustainability in life and business gets to look like for us all! 

- Lindsay Martin Ellis


Are you ready to embrace true sisterhood that you can trust without censoring any part of you?

Is your soul longing to have the dedicated space away from your busy life to connect with your own wisdom and spiritual gifts


Are you ready to reconnect with your desires and create a vision for your life that’s sustainable


Are you ready to co-create with other sisters in a brand new way that serves you, them and the world?


Bee Sisterhood, where heart-centered women come to experience sacred belonging, sisterhood & sustainability.

Each woman brings her own gifts to make our hive complete. We all belong and are better together.

- Kat Fowler

Sacred belonging is a key that unlocks a door to a more magical version of life. When you know you belong and every part of you is welcome and embraced, you are nourished from the inside out. From this place, more possibilities open and you have the courage to recreate your life so that every part feels inspired and sustainable. 

These things can feel hard to do on our own. That's why we need to come together in a different way than we have before...  using the ancient wisdom of Bee sisterhood.

We come together as a Hive to create sustainable lives together.

We believe that when a woman creates a sustainable life, we can create a sustainable world. 


Deep down, your soul’s deepest purpose is to simply be who you are.


We feel you...

It can be that simple, like an exhale, loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are... every woman is worthy of this.

This is a place where women can choose to experience sacred belonging and bring all of themselves.

 We’d like to invite you into our Hive:

Bee Sisterhood Retreat

Awaken Ancient Hive Wisdom & Experience Sacred Belonging to Create a Sustainable Life

February 9.10.11, 2024 San Clemente, CA







During the retreat you’ll:

Learn the ancient wisdom of the hive and our Bee Sisterhood Agreements to open to real, true connection,

Discover what ways you’ve been keeping yourself from support and how that is making it harder on yourself,

Be guided through a ritual to release the ways you’ve kept yourself from sacred belonging,

Learn a hive practice connected to cross-pollination to open up the doors of self-compassion,

Experience a sound activation to awaken vision,

Have space and time to integrate the teachings where you can take a walk to the beach or buzz with other sisters in the hive,

Create a personal sustainability recipe for yourself moving forward

Be the first to be invited into our Bee Sisterhood

Learn how to share the Bee Sisterhood movement around the world.

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One Time Payment of $963


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The Bee Sisterhood Retreat was transformational!

- Leticia Germain

When you have a group of strong women together, the soul awakens.

- Jessica Jones


Vibrate at 528 Hz, the healing frequency,
Cross-pollinate and work together,
Do their job and let others do their jobs,
Guide each other out on their first flight,
Make more than enough honey for themselves and others?

Meet Your Hive Guides

Jennifer Brown


As a Hair stylist for almost 20 years Jennifer has witnessed women finding their own beauty, She is a self love coach and works with the true essence of colors and clothes to guide women on a path to full self acceptance.  She has guided hundreds of women to own and embrace their own beauty.  Jennifer has a 20 year old son and lives in Southern California.

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

Award Winning Artist, Bestselling Author and Founder of Woman Unleashed, a community dedicated to helping women connect to their creative spirit to feel on purpose, happy, and free.  She has supported over 120,000 women through retreats and online programs to live an inspired, creative life. She lives on the Big Island of Hawai’i with her husband and 2 boys.

Sacha Sterling


Master Empowerment Coach, Women's Advocate and Host of the Exploring All That is Sacred Podcast. Sacha is an ally for those on their Awakening Journey and supports them in creating an intentional and devotional life embracing their intuitive knowing, spiritual gifts and wisdom of their emotions. Sacha lives in Austin, Texas with her family.

Nicole Fox


Master’s in spiritual psychology, owner of multiple successful businesses in the integrative and functional medicine field, and woman circle facilitator.  Nicole is passionate about supporting women in building sustainable income streams.  Nicole lives in San Clemente, California with her husband, twins, and 2 dogs. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Bee Sisterhood Retreat was pure magic! There was such intention woven into every aspect of the entire retreat which made the invitation to deepen into connection with sisters feel safe, sacred, and accessible. I got to show up and be vulnerable and bold, express my most authentic self, and meet each sister in the light of their exquisitely unique and authentic self.

It was divine!

- Suzy Finnefrock

Bee a part of our global movement.

Retreat Ticket Pay In Full

One Time Payment of $963


Buy Now

Retreat Ticket Payment Plan

 Four Payments of $244

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